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Adoption is a joyful process of building families; it is also a legal process which must be conducted properly. Celeste Kling has worked with relinquishing and adoptive parents for years, in many arenas. She represents birth parents who are relinquishing their child as well as adoptive parents.

In Colorado, unless the adult seeking to adopt a child is a stepparent, close relative (kinship adoption) or legal custodian (legal guardian), a licensed child placement agency must be involved in the process. Either a private adoption agency or the Department of Human Services may perform the relinquishment counseling for the birth parents and the home study of the adoptive parents. All adoptive parents must obtain a criminal records check prior to the adoption.

The person who is adopting a minor child may be single or married, but if a person is married both spouses must adopt the child (unless it is a step-parent adoption).  Colorado law also allows second-parent adoptions, which permit a same-sex or unmarried partner to adopt a child in some situations.

Adoption of a child causes the child to become the legal child of the adoptive parents for all purposes, and results in the issuance of a new birth certificate for the child, listing the adoptive parent or parents as the birth parents. Colorado also recognizes adult adoptions. Adoption of an adult simply makes the child equivalent to an heir at law of the adoptive parent; it is an estate planning tool.

In general, adoptions of children in Colorado fall into one of these categories:

  • agency
  • step parent
  • kinship
  • custodial
  • second parent

Celeste Kling works with individuals and families in all of these situations.