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The process of obtaining a divorce (dissolution of marriage) or a legal separation can be stressful and confusing. Wallace & Kling, P.C. offers a variety of legal services to assist family members resolve divorce issues as they go through this process. It is important for us to determine which role our firm will fill before we accept a case. Usually this determination is made by communication between a party and one of our legal assistants, or between an attorney for one of the parties and Celeste Kling. Within the divorce arena, we provide the three services described below:


Celeste Kling provides mediation services for parties on a wide range of family law topics, including property and debt division (including business valuation and division), maintenance (spousal support or alimony), allocation of parental responsibility (legal custody issues), children’s parenting time plans, and child support and financial issues. Mediation may occur before entry of a decree, or years later, when new issues arise.

Advice Only

Celeste Kling welcomes the opportunity to meet with clients seeking  information and advice about the divorce process, about children's legal issues or about post-decree matters. We provide information, advice, and recommendations, but these clients do not retain us to represent them in their legal cases. This type of relationship is also referred to as providing "unbundled legal services." Clients use the information they obtain to make their own decisions and to handle their own legal matters. "Advice only" clients may have a single appointment or a series of appointments, as the need arises. The attorney-client relationship in this "advice only" format is one of coaching and not of full legal representation.

Children's Advocate

For decades, Celeste served as a children’s advocate in the roles of guardian ad litem, child’s legal representative, special advocate. Then she worked extensively in the neutral, child-focused role of child and family investigator and member of the Early Neutral Assessment (ENA) team. She to continues in the role of offering court-ordered Voice of the Child interviews and reports. She also provides mediation and advice-only consultations on children’s advocacy issues.