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A special focus on the needs of America’s aging population

With national demographics shifting to a larger percentage of older Americans, elder law has emerged as a legal discipline of its own. In the past, many lawyers addressed the needs of their aging clients as part of a general practice. In recent years, however, numerous significant developments and changes in the law have occurred requiring special attention to the needs of older Americans. Seniors needing legal assistance for these issues may now consult attorneys whose practice emphasizes elder law.

Elder law involves a number of areas including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, health care and aging issues, probate, estate planning, guardianships and conservatorships. Qualified representation in these critical situations often makes a dramatic difference for older citizens. Nancy Wallace has extensive expertise in elder law issues.

Seniors needing legal assistance can now consult attorneys with a special interest in elder law.

For example, consider the senior whose spouse is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to emotional and physical stress, frequently the family is under a great deal of financial stress. In such cases, an attorney with a background in Medicaid law is better equipped to help the client find the most beneficial, practical and cost-effective solution for long term care for the ill spouse. At Wallace & Kling, P.C., we have advised many clients who were needlessly worrying about the financial impact on the well spouse simply because they did not know the Medicaid rules related to their circumstances. Similarly, we present our clients with options to help resolve other legal issues facing our aging population.

Celeste Kling also offers mediation services related to elder law issues and health care, legal, residential, financial decision-making for disabled or elderly family members or loved ones.